Feefty Plus
Barrier Reverse Convertible Conditional Coupon Memory
Conditional memory coupon distributed at regular intervals
The investor receives a memory coupon on each observation if the underlying is above the coupon level. Every coupon not detached is added in memory and can be perceived on a future observation date. Capital is protected up to the protection level (activation depends on the type of protection).
Digitale Mémoire Eurostoxx 50XS2488869608Euro Stoxx 50EURCredit Suisse AG9/22/2032
Euro Alternative 2026FR0013170057Euro iStoxx EWC 50EURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)8/31/2022
Digit Mémoire Euro Stoxx 50 Décembre 2022FR001400D9X3Euro Stoxx 50EURBNP Paribas12/27/2028
Distribution Trimestrielle Mémoire France Novembre 2022FRSG000133J7SBF Top 50 ESG EW Dec 50ptEURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)11/29/2032
Barrier Reverse Convertible Coupon Conditionnel SPEZPDET Octobre 2022XS2482220931S&P Eurozone 50 Net Zero 2050 Paris-Aligned Select 50 Point Decrement IndexEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)10/27/2032
Barrier Reverse Convertible SPTPPDET Novembre 2022XS2482220857S&P Transatlantic 50 Net Zero 2050 ParisAligned Select 50 Point Decrement Index (EUR) TREURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)10/27/2032
Distribution Trimestrielle Mémoire Europe Novembre 2022FRSG000133I9Euro iStoxx EWC 50EURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)11/29/2032
Horizon SX5E Novembre 2023FR001400J7X1Euro Stoxx 50EURMorgan Stanley International PLC (MSIP)11/24/2031
Digit Harmonie Juin 2023 FR001400GRC6Euro Stoxx 50EURMorgan Stanley International PLC (MSIP)7/11/2029
Horizon Eurostoxx 50 Décembre 2023FR001400LAV2Euro Stoxx 50EURMorgan Stanley International PLC (MSIP)12/18/2031
5 Year EUR Worst of Reverse Convertible Note linked to Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Volkswagen AGFRIP00000474Mercedes-Benz Group, Volkswagen AGEURMorgan Stanley International PLC (MSIP)12/13/2028
Protect Coupon Banques 2022XS2456989842S&P Eurozone LargeMidCap Banks (Industry Group) 50 DEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)4/29/2027

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