Feefty Plus
Floored Floater
Floating coupon and principal guaranteed
The investor receives a floating coupon on each observation. Capital is guaranteed at maturity (except in the event of issuer default).
3Y Capped Floored Floater NoteXS2398662630Euribor 3 moisEURGoldman Sachs (GSI)2/21/2025
Floored Floater 0.5% EURIBORXS2398667514Euribor 3 moisEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)3/2/2025
Taux Fixe to float non-callable 5 ans EURFR001400DNI9CMS EUR 2 ansEURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)11/4/2027
Cap & Floor Euribor 3 moisXS2552829132Euribor 3 moisEURGoldman Sachs Group (GSG)5/12/2026
Floored Floater Octobre 2023FR2CIBFS2074Euribor 3 moisEURCrédit Agricole10/13/2026
Min Max Coupon EuroXS2482261026Euribor 3 moisEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)12/16/2027

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