Feefty Plus
Twin Win Issuer Callable
Benefit from a coupon or the absolute performance while protecting part of the downside.
The investor receives a capitalized coupon (memory) upon early redemption by the issuer, or at maturity the absolute performance of the underlying, if the underlying is above the protection level. Every coupon not detached is added in memory and can be perceived on a future observation date. The capital is protected up to the protection level (activation depends on the type of protection).
Trio Perf Février 2024FR001400L7A5Euro Stoxx 50EURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)3/5/2029

Feefty SAS - Capital social 75 000 euros - SIREN 844765578 - RCS Paris - Code APE 6619B - Conseiller en Investissements Financiers - Courtier en assurance - ORIAS n°19001259 orias.fr - Membre de l'ANACOFI-CIF