Feefty Plus
Principal Protected Note Capped Participation Binary Coupon
Coupon based on the underlying's performance up to the cap, distributed at regular intervals with a principal protected note
The investor receives a coupon on each observation, calculated depending on the underlying's performance up to the cap. Capital is guaranteed at maturity (except in the event of issuer default).
CPI YoY EUR + SpreadFR1CIBFS5722Eurostat Eurozone HICP Ex Tobacco Unrevised Series NSAEURCrédit Agricole3/17/2028
Oméga 90 Euronext Core Euro & Global Climate Change Juin 2026XS2237484493Euronext Core Euro & Global Climate Change EW Decrement 5%EURBNP Paribas6/4/2026
Omega 90 Euronext Eurozone Diversity & Governance 40 Mars 2027XS2395858090Euronext Eurozone Diversity & Governance 40 EW Decrement 5%EURBNP Paribas3/4/2027
Max Long Cap Digital Certificates on Euro iStoxx 50 ESG NR Decrement 4.75%XS2480922546Euro iStoxx 50 ESG NR D 4.75%EURIntesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.6/29/2027

Feefty SAS - Capital social 75 000 euros - SIREN 844765578 - RCS Paris - Code APE 6619B - Conseiller en Investissements Financiers - Courtier en assurance - ORIAS n°19001259 orias.fr - Membre de l'ANACOFI-CIF