Feefty Plus
Principal Protected Note Binary Coupon
Conditional coupon distributed at regular intervals with a principal protected note
The investor receives a coupon on each observation if the underlying is above the coupon level. Capital is guaranteed at maturity (except in the event of issuer default).
Coupon Capital 95FR001400ICQ4Euro Stoxx BanksEURMorgan Stanley International PLC (MSIP)6/29/2028
Euro Coupon Juillet 2023XS2482605487Euro Stoxx BanksEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)7/24/2028
Note Inflation Avril 2026 FR001400HAE6Eurostat Eurozone HICP Ex Tobacco Unrevised Series NSAEURSociété Générale (SG Issuer)4/27/2026
Rendement Plus Octobre 2023FR1459AB1199S&P Eurozone 50 Net Zero 2050 Paris-Aligned Select 5% DEURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)11/14/2028
AXA Coupon Ambition Monde 2FR001400IO08MSCI World ESG Leaders Price Return EUREURBNP Paribas1/17/2029
AXA Coupon Ambition MondeFR001400G529MSCI World ESG Leaders Price Return EUREURGoldman Sachs Finance Corp International (GSFCI)8/10/2028
Standard Long Digital Certificates on LBMA Gold Price Index due 31 05 2027XS2469369271LBMA Gold Fixing PriceUSDIntesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.5/30/2027
Calliandra Novembre 2028XS2523670631Euro Stoxx 50EURBNP Paribas11/16/2028

Feefty SAS - Capital social 75 000 euros - SIREN 844765578 - RCS Paris - Code APE 6619B - Conseiller en Investissements Financiers - Courtier en assurance - ORIAS n°19001259 orias.fr - Membre de l'ANACOFI-CIF